Sun 01 Nov 2020 22:06

Hullensians Ironman Challenge

Hullensians Ironman Challenge

The senior players and colts have set themselves a collective Iron Man Challenge which will see them;

Run to Twickenham [230 miles]
Row to Paris [214 miles] the venue for the next World Cup
Lift the combined body weight of the entire playing squads from RWC 2019.

Each player will submit their maximum lift each week as part of the combined total

In summary each player will need to run at least one 10K and row a minimum of 10,000 metres as well as bench press an agreed portion of the lifting target
We will keep you updated via social media of their progress and you can "sponsor" any of the players by pledging a donation on the Crowd Funding page when it goes live in November and adding a comment with their name to the comments section.

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